Future 101 – Introduction

imagescacwfjdx.jpgI am a storyteller!  I love to share experiences, testimonies and my relationship with Jesus.  My first blog is entitled Future 101.  If you have ever reached a cross roads or seemingly dead end in your life and had to start over, come journey with me and let me share with you my life and how Jesus has made me who I am today.

In the days and years of yesterday, I may have known the oppression of fear, shame, betrayal, loss, divorces, mockery, tears, isolation and intense pressure…but let me assure you that God has indeed used these tough experiences along with my “destiny” to catapult me through the door to my future.  I stand here today with extremely powerful treasures.  I now release them to you!

So many times we sit in a church pew and never truly “know” the story of the precious person sitting next to us, so today, I welcome you to come with me…read my story as I share more of it each day.

I pray that you will be touched, inspired and encouraged to then go share yours!!!


4 thoughts on “Future 101 – Introduction

  1. Gloria says:

    Glory to God what a wonderful day to start your blog, the 7th dayof April. God’s perfect number. What a treat this will be Patti and I thank you for taking the time to write your blog as others might share the treasures our precious Lord has put inside of you. I am looking forward to reading with great excitement and a few comments from time to time. I love you dear. Aunt Gloria

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