Going back to say thank you…


I loved sharing my Story and my Testimony with all of you.  Looking back at the powerful way God touched my “scars, wounds, and beliefs” makes my smile…a big smile today!  I have a grateful heart – and I want to be like the leper that came back to Jesus in Luke 17:15 …one of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice.  He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him…NIV.

I am not ashamed that I needed His creative touch on my life and I will throw myself at Him always.

And as I close this part of my story, from the depths of my soul I want to say thank you for my family, my absolutely wonderful son and his family: Zeb, Cora, Triston and Alayna, my honorable and blessed parents: Harold and Gerry Corbello, my special favorite brother Ricky and Ronda Corbello and daughter, my other special favorite brother Kevin and Toni Corbello and daughters and my heart and soul baby sister, Julie Giordano and children.  All of YOU amaze me…and humble me…YOU are God-gifts to me.   Oh my Jesus…how You bless me with who they are every hour of every day…such faith, love, loyalty, faithfulness, honor, character, integrity, generosity, encouragement, affection…and truly important – family humor through it all.

While this is my personal Story… it isn’t only me…I look in my spirit-filled family and know Testimonies that would truly change the world.  But that isn’t for me to say, THAT is their story…

Lisa Whatley, Julie, and Mom…what powerful women of God you are!  I will forever sing thankful blessings about you!  You ARE all the Proverbs 31 woman in so many ways…except add to it the discernment, power and integrity of the Holy Spirit.  Sincere sisters in Christ.  May I serve you always.

If I haven’t said your name…forgive me…I promise you that it is in my heart, in my experiences or probably referenced in one of my stories!

It is time for me to put the last “period” in the final sentence of this story and  turn from the past and focus on my future!  Just like you, I am happy, I am excited and I am ready to love the world!

Glory to the King of Kings!

Final story post

Patti Corbello Archer

Future 101


4 thoughts on “Going back to say thank you…

  1. Wow! what a testimony. I can see how much Jesus truly loves you. I am so happy that you have found HIm. I found Him too in the not too distant past. I was reading your testimony and a few things paralleled my own. I would like to put a link to your site on my blog.
    God Bless you. I will keep you in my prayers. Keep me in yours. Love you

  2. Cheryl Daigle says:

    Oh my Patti I new you had many many hats but I never new how many, I am so sorry you had such a LG load that you had to carry… You where so many of those things to me oh my how I will NEVER forget the prayer at the alter when God came down and touched me as you prayed. My life was touched over and over again in the Bible study’s, I recall crying many time’s, I tried holding back the flood of tears but God was so strong in those meetings wow. Memory’s!! As much as I, we all miss you I am glad you are free from the heavy load and God has set you on a new path a path that only He will fill NOT man but your Father God. Oh you have a Harley? you go girl!!! that is just to cool BUT you must take me for a RIDE… Ray my husband had a bike that Ike flooded, we miss it at times on pretty days would be so nice to ride. Love, Joy and Peace

    • Cheryl….it has so been an honor to know you and be a part of your journey to where you are today. YOUR faith is beautiful. YOU are beautiful and I know our God enjoys you very much. My journey working in ministry was bittersweet absolutely…but a God-journey nonetheless…wearing all those hats was a miracle with my past…BUT GOD made a way. Like His Word refers…I have nothing lacking and nothing broken…and He will use it for His Kingdom encouragement. Isn’t He great! So, me and the Lover of My Soul are off on new adventures! No, I don’t have a Harley…but a dream of freedom to cruise. But spiritually, like in my story…I so ride that Harley 🙂 How cool that y’all used to ride…sweet! I love you Cheryl…have a wonderful Easter.

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